Fundraising: Cake Sale

March 29, 2017

Who would have thought we’d make £200 selling cake!


Had a great day today fundraising for our end of year exhibition catalogue! Selling delicious cake.

Through help from Tesco community project supplied by a fellow student, Ashleigh Taylor, we were able to get most of our ingredients for free, allowing our sales to be pure profit. The cakes made by everyone were extremely professional, not surprising they flew out. Between our table we had set up in the atrium in the Creative Arts Build and members of our team heading out with trays to reach everyone in the university, we soon exceeded our expectations for the day.

Although none of the cake were made by myself, I am really proud of how we came together and made so much for our catalogue.

We will be doing another one very soon, with it being such a success, next time I will be attempting some vegan cakes too!


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