Submissions: Fresh Aire Exhibition

May 9, 2017

Fresh Aire is a Leeds based annual photographic exhibition. Fresh connotes youthfulness, spring time, and the ingenuity possessed by the latest crop of young creative people from our region.

I wasn’t going to bother with any photography competition because I thought they weren’t my style, the winners tend to be documentary photography. Which is fine by me, some of the documentary work I’ve seen is truly amazing, but now that my project is in it final stages I realised I have a good body of work, so why not at least try, whats the harm?

Therefore I am entering Fresh Aire, a competition aimed at resent graduates or students just about to graduate, they aim to draw attention to and celebrate, the talent emerging from Yorkshire. The criteria for submission was that all photographers had to have a connection to Yorkshire; mine connection is through studying at Huddersfield University, West Yorkshire. The appeal of this competition is that there isn’t an entrance  fee, they ask for a contribution from successful applicants only.

The submission was of five images, I currently have sixteen strong images and I am considering for my submission for my degree but picking out the strongest was difficult. Especially as I have been building a sequence with the images, a sequence that only works whilst using all the images. I thought to myself which images stand out on there own as as part of the set and I thought at my artist statement, which images illustrate the ideals of my project.

Project Description:

Annwn (the otherworld)

When we were children we would constantly escape into imaginary worlds, but what happens in those worlds when we are no longer there. Through a series of photographs, I have explored a world left behind, a woodland littered with imagination. A world of imagination abandoned. With hints towards human life being present, the mysterious world reveals itself in a confusing manner.

These are the images I have chosen and sent. The closing date is tomorrow and the winners will be announced soon after. I’m not too hopeful but it was nice to get me work out there, I know that it is been seen, even if its only the judges.

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