Portfolio Review: Charlie Meecham

March 7, 2017

Today we had an informative tutorial from Charlie Meecham, who spoke about the importance of print quality snd gave us his advice on how he thought we should print our own work.

Print Quality

Charlie Meecham, head of the photography degree at Bradford University and a master of print, began by showing us his own work printed using different methods and paper types. It was interesting to see how much difference choosing the correct paper type can make to an image. It can either make or break it, choose the wrong one and an image with depth and layers can become flat and dull.

Speaking with Charlie about my own project, explaining what is was about and showing him images I had started to create. He was instantly intrigued my the work and gave me his thoughts on how I should print it. When considering the size of my print Charlie suggested that a large scale that would emerge the viewers in the scene, and told me to think about the distance from the print to the viewer at the exhibition, as it would work a a piece where the viewer would almost be walking into the print.

We also discussed possible options for paper stock, with Charlie showing me different types from his own portfolio . When asking my opinion I stated how I was thinking of a matt print, as I am not a fan of how glossier prints work in an exhibition space. This led Charlie to suggest a Hahnemühle print, with me being new to the printing of work I did not know what this was at the time, he explained how the textured paper presents bold colours and blacks beautifully, and because of this would give the depth of my print an incredible quality. The only issue with using Hahnemühle is its expensive and damages easily. With it being so expensive and me never actually seeing anything printed this way, test prints would be more vital than usual.

Over all the tutorial was very use full as I head towards my preparations for my exhibition, especially since this is in an area I know so little about, unfortunately at the moment I am not ready to decide of which image I want to print, but this has given me a lot of ideas to think about for when I am ready.