Format Festival: Looking at print quality Sadie Wechsler

April 5, 2017

Took a trip to Derby yesterday to see what this years Format Festival had to offer, I was paying especial attention to the way each artist had chosen to present their work in preparation for the end of year graduate exhibition. I am putting together a series of review of some of the work that stood out to me.

Sadie wechsler

Interesting work, Wechsler’s first and most prominent piece catches your eye instantly because of its large scale, you could imagine yourself, at a distance, being in the scene.  It is that kind of feeling I want to achieve with my own print as discussed in my portfolio review with Charlie Meecham. On a closer inspection you can see that each person in the scene is a badly cut out figure pasted in. And because of this cut and paste astatic of her work the choice to present the prints pasted straight on to the wall, has an appeal.

A lot of the work on show at the exhibition was presented in the same way, pasted on to the wall. It has become a normal way to present work, but in my opinion by using this method the image looses dramatic depth, that is achieved by having the print stand out from the wall. However, like I said I understand Wechsler’s choice, but other works I am less inclined to support.