Format Festival: Looking at print quality Alexey Shlyk

April 6, 2017

Carrying on discussing print quality at Format Festival my next instalment takes a look at the work of Alexey Shlyk.

Alexey Shlyk

The work shown by Shlyk is titled The Appleseed Necklace, based on the once predominant DIY culture that developed in his country of origin, Belarus. These staged photographs refer to the artist’s memory and nostalgia for the things that he has seen, heard and participated in, in the past. In this body of work, Shlyk explores the creativity, craftsmanship and resourcefulness that were common among a population living with constant shortages.

Out of all the work I saw at the the festival, in terms of content of staged imagery, Shlyk’s work connects best to my own. Through his use of light and constructed objects, the image became a high light for me at the festival and has inspired me to use more light within my own work as it has a representation toward life.

Examining the print quality there are two key points I need to make, firstly the print, which could have been a c-type matt, was beautiful, the blacks were deep and the details immaculate. However, the choice of framing wasn’t correct for the bright gallery space it was displayed in. The amount of glare coming from the glass made the image difficult to see all at once, even a few feet away.