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Behind the Scenes Photography Shoot: Penultimate Shoot

  My shoots are coming to an end but I am still enjoying shooting, for todays shoot I was working with the concept of recapturing youthful imagination as a adult. The props I had used are a mixture of bought, borrowed and found.

Photography Shoot: A Light in a Dark Woodland

After the success of my use of light in previous shoot, I had been hunting for weeks for a lamp to ceiling light to photograph, and I finally found one at the market.

Behind the Scenes Photography Shoot: The Case of Ivy


Photography Shoot: Cage of Imagination

Had a great day shooting today, experimenting with new lighting.

Behind the Scenes Photography Shoot: Sights and Sounds of the Woodland

Behind the scenes footage and images from my shoot double shoot today.

Photography Shoot: Gateway to Imagination: Take 2

With the introduction of the human element to my work I have been able to bring the blanket fort back!

Behind the Scenes Photography Shoot: What would you find in a woodland?

Carrying on introducing an human element, I have being thinking about what would and wouldn’t be found in a woodland. 

Photography Shoot: Introducing A Human Element; Slide Projector

I’ve put my first prop into action, and changed the whole aesthetic for my work.

Photography Shoot: Weirdly Wonderful Part 2

Continuing with strange concepts, because in a world of imagination things shouldn’t be what they seem. I have been creating more scenes that will have you questioning what is happening.

Photography Shoot: Weirdly Wonderful Wax

Still running on the buzz from last weeks shoot I have put one of my weird ideas into action.