Just outside the small village of Betws-y-Coed, located in the scenic valleys of Snowdonia, North Wales, is a wonderful woodland filled with moss and ferns making it an ideal location for enchantment. I came to know this place through my Mother, who stumbled into it one day on one of her many hikes, discovering this […]

After the success of the first shoot with the blanket fort, I had two locations in mind that I intended to transform into a place that would exist within the imagination world. The first was of a doorway to nowhere, set against a bank with tree and wintery greenery. The second idea was of a […]

Cinematic Photography

When it comes to set building, Hardy does a good job at creating a whole new space out of nothing, but it doesn’t quiet have that cinematic edge that Gregory Crewdson’s photographs have. Both have a brilliant ability to transform a mundane space, be it a suburban house or an English countryside, it becomes a […]

Spirit Floating

How do you photograph a nightmare?  When thinking about aspects of nightmare I find myself getting overwhelm with possibilities, mostly unachievable without a team of special effects experts. So I’ve been thinking about stripping it down, simplifying it, start off by photographing elements. When I think of nightmares and maybe this is because halloween is […]

Absence of Characters

When thinking about my over all theme so far, it needs narrowing down, dreams and nightmares is a very vast subject. I have been thinking about what I love doing in photography and its constructing something out of nothing, there is a lovely sense of achievement when you take an empty studio space and build something in […]