Signifier of Smoke

In old films puffs of smoke were used a symbol of magic and spiritual happenings, take for instance Georges Melies’s ‘La Danse Du Fue’, which depicts a devil jumping around a pot cooking up magic with a staff exploding with smoke. Without the smoke the scene would still make sense, however by introducing it emphasis […]

Test Video

As the narrative for my project on dreams isn’t fully decided upon at this point I have  put together a test video to begin to experiment with initial ideas and get to grips with the camera.

I was thinking back at dreams I have had, the ones I could remember. There isn’t many but the ones that tend to stay with me are the unnerving ones, not scary, but really got to me. If anyone else had these dreams maybe they wouldn’t have had an effect but for me they did. […]

Duane Michals

As I am working with the theme of a Narrative within my dream project I have began by drawing back to previous research, from when I created a photo-book purely based on the theme of Narrative, one in particular stands out Duane Michals.

Stages of Sleep

Stage 1 –Light Sleep, drifting in and out, can be woken easily. Eyes move slow and muscle activity slow. Stage 2 –Eye movement stops and brain waves become slower with only an occasional burst of rapid brain waves.

Let’s Get Started

For my Major Project I am proposing a project that expands on the use of narrative, using key symbols from dream analysis I want to make a short film exploring a dream world that gives an insight into what is going on in a character’s awake life. I intend to do this by firstly researching […]